Diana Scherer

Do, 7.11.2023, 19.00–20.30 Uhr

Hochschule Düsseldorf
Gebäude 6, Raum 1.055

Diana Scherer is a German visual artist living and working in Amsterdam.

Her practice encompasses botany, material research and sculpture, exploring the relationship of man versus his natural environment.

Over the past years she has exhibited in several international solo and group shows. Recent shows include Intelligence of Plants Frankfurter Kunstverein, Biennale of Sydney 2022, Earth Matters; Textile Museum Tilburg, Still Life -Foam Amsterdam & Himalayas Museum Shanghai, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Fashioned from Nature at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and Shenzhen.

Scherer explores the relationship of man versus his natural environment. Through her installations she examines the boundaries between plant culture and nature. What does “natural” mean in the Anthropocene and is man not also nature or a parasitic species on the rest of his environment? For the past few years her fascination has been focused on the dynamics of underground plant parts. She has been captivated by the root system, with its hidden, underground processes. By taking geometric and ordering principles from nature and combining them with traces of humans, Scherer poses a dilemma, as her craft is both a manipulation of natural processes and the possible cultivation of a common path. Her longterm project InterWoven originated as an art project with an intuitive approach has also developed into an innovative material research. Working on this project Scherer shifts between disciplines from art to design and science. To develop her work she collaborates with biologists and engineers from TU Delft and Radboud University Nijmegen. Diana Scherer developed a new technique InterWoven and an innovative research in grown plant root textiles and material.

InterWoven has been honoured by the New Material Award 2016. The New Material Award is a biennial prize organized by Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam that challenges artists and designers to develop sustainable materials and innovative technologies. In recent years, four Delft – University of Technology students have graduated from the Project InterWoven (Master of Science).